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Pros of tuition centres

If you are wondering whether you should invest in a tuition centre for your child, you should weigh the pros and cons.

Advantages of tuition centres

  • The student to teach ratio is small that at school. The tutors are able to focus on each student and in this way, students are able to focus better and actually grasp concepts that they could not comprehend initially at school.
  • You might find a tuition as soon as you search for English tuition Singapore but it is important you find the right individual to teach. At least you get to choose who teaches your child unlike at school. You would not want a teacher who is bad in English to teach your child. The tutor should be able teach in the most effective manner.

  • There is only a small period of time for tutors at schools to review all the work being done at school or at home. However, a tutor at the centre will be able to provide more time to review all work and help the child to improve in the areas that they might be weak.
  • If you are not sure about how to do your homework at home, you can always speak to your tutor and ask for help. You will not feel like it is a chore and will actually enjoy.
  • For those students who struggle to study for exams and then practice past papers, they can seek out for help from the tutor who will help them answer a paper in the same exam conditions and then will assess his or her performance.
  • The student will gain more confidence as they form a relationship with the tutor which will help the student to be open about the areas that they feel that they weak. Once they pick up the pace of the work they need to do, they will be very confident to even tackle the difficult areas.
  • A tuition centre is a saving for those parents who are busy and do not have time for their children’s homework. It takes a lot of pressure off of parents and during the free times they can spend quality time with their children rather than having to help them with their homework.

  • There are many students who feel shy when they have questions that need to be asked during school hours. What happens during a centre is that the child will be able to ask questions from the teacher without other students hearing him or her.
  • Most students are taught by using innovative methods. The teachers will experiment with a few until they find the right one that suits the student.


Based on these points, as a parents it is advisable that you provide your child the necessary opportunity for tuition when needed.


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