Skills That You Need To Possess In Order To Survive College Life

Many people said that the best years in your life can be your university days. But being a student with frequent hangovers after night outs can have its consequences too. For example, how can one stay healthy by living on noodles for a long time? How do you manage your part-time job to support yourself when you have exams the following day? And how does one can go to a party almost every night when they can barely afford to buy food for themselves? Thus, here is a list of skills that you must learn to survive in the university.

Know How to Budget your Money

During your university days at singapore university, you can have no money left to buy food. However, you can avoid this thing to happen by working a budget and making sure that you stick on it. One good option is to have a prepaid budgeting card. You just have to deposit some cash on it for each month. Then, assign your budget allocation for food, clubbing, and other expenses. With this, your money can get separated from paying rents and other bills.

This can allow you to stay within your budget and survive. Moreover, you can keep an update on how much money you’ve spent by linking the card on an app on your phone. You will also determine how much money you have left that you can use to reward yourself by staying within the budget for the past days.

Learn How to Say No

Sometimes, you can get carried away because of night outs. Few bottles of beer can quickly escalate to much more bottles. Thus, knowing when to say no is a tough skill to develop. Indeed, it takes some solid and convincing power.

One way to control yourself is by withdrawing enough money that you are happy to spend for the night. When your money runs out, then it is time to go home now.

Moreover, try not to say yes immediately because of peer pressure. You will not miss that much if you go home at 1 am.

Create a Meal Plan

Having a routine of when, where, or what to eat can prevent you from spending a week’s budget in a day. Plan your meals by doing a bigger shop once each week. Don’t forget to allocate money for a few snacks and emergency hangover food or drinks.

Practice Speed Reading

If you have the courage to show in class without reading anything, a quick speed read can save you. This is helpful to keep you up to date in reading short chapters or articles. However, speed reading is not recommended for reading an entire novel.

If there are any important questions or statements, you can highlight it. If you are called for a recitation, you will have something to tell in the class even just a line from what you have highlighted in your book.

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